Submitting requests properly is critical to getting your request answered in a timely fashion. So how should you submit a request?

For reporting incidents or service requests related to students or student devices, please see this article.

Incidents vs Service Request

An incident is an issue, problem, or error needing assistance. A service request is a request that asks IT to perform some service that is considered normal (not an issue). 

Service Request
Description Unplanned interruption of service, or reduction in quality of an IT service. Formal request for something to be provided
  • Network / Internet issues
  • Damaged devices (exception: student Chromebooks + passwords, see here)
  • Software not working as expected
  • Requesting new software / hardware
  • New employee requests
  • Blocking or unblocking websites
Ask yourself
  • Is something existing not working?
  • Is something broken? 
  • Am I requesting something new? 
  • Does this need approval? 
If you are not sure which one to select, you can always submit an incident and someone from IT will assist you

Submitting an Incident

To submit an incident, open the help desk and select New Ticket in the top right. 

You should see a form titled Submit a ticket. Fill out the fields with the appropriate information. You can add attachments, copy other people on the request, and specify a room number. 

As you type your subject and description, related solution articles can appear on the right hand side to potentially give you answers. 

Once the fields are complete, click Submit. 

Submitting a Service Request

To submit a service request, open the help desk and select Service Catalog in the top navigation menu. 

Next, select the appropriate service item. Examples include software/hardware requests, password resets, student issues, guest access, new employees, etc.

(Not all service items are shown in the screenshot. Some service items may not be available to all users.)

Each service item has a unique form to submit. Each form should have instructions detailing what information is needed and other optional fields.