To request help for students that have issues with their Chromebooks, forgotten passwords, or websites that are not working, the best way is to submit a service request. For more information on the difference between incidents and service requests, see our Getting Started article.

We have two service request forms specifically for requesting help for students:

  1. Student Chromebook Issues
  2. Password Reset

For ALL other issues, please submit an incident, and make sure to mention the student's name. 

Student Chromebook Issues


To submit the Student Chromebook Issues request, open the help desk, click Service Catalog, and select Student Chromebook Issues. (Or click here!)

The form above shows two simple fields, one for Student Name and one for Description. The student name field allows you enter multiple names, and also auto-completes the student's name as you type. In the description field, please provide all relevant information about the issue.

Once the form is submitted, someone from IT will check in with the student as soon as someone is available. IT will work directly with the student, and no other interaction from the staff member is needed. 

Password Reset

To submit a Password Reset request, open the help desk and select Service Catalog, then select Password Reset. (Or click here!)

Students commonly forget their passwords for both their computers and their Chromebooks. The Password Reset form allows you to request a password reset for multiple students at once, and specify what application they are logging into. This form provides IT with all the necessary information to quickly reset the password and send it back to you. 


It is very important you use this form for password resets! Submitting an incident request instead of this form will likely result in misspelled names, wrong passwords being reset, or other requests for information from IT, and will cause the request to be delayed. 

When submitting the form, the Application field has two options: Computer and Google. Setting the wrong option here may result in students being locked out of that account.

Other issues

For all other issues involving students, please submit an incident and IT will investigate as soon as possible.